3 Weeks of Service

My name is Collin Pace. I’m a senior and will graduate this semester. I am from Kaysville, Utah but will be moving to Oregon because my wife is from there and wants to be closer to her family. I like to play racquetball, see new places, experience different cultures, and serve others! 

These last 3 weeks have been quite an adventure for my family and I. The title is referring to my beautiful wife Emily who has been my rock and has been the one there for me while I have had to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery. There is a picture below so that you can put a face with the name. She has helped bathe me, get me dressed, get me random things around the house, and most importantly has shown me unrelenting support. I would not be in this class right now or the other 15 credits I am taking without her help. She has reminded me of how important service is and has also humbled me to remember that without service, the majority of us would not be where we are at today. 

Its going to be fairly difficult for me to get all of my hours for this class and so what I will be doing is meeting with international students and speaking to them in English. I just barely went to the cultural club today and will be meeting with 2 students this semester and am really excited! One of them is mong and name is Janet and the other is from Peru whos name is Grace. Its going to be a really good semester! (as long as my leg heals up lol)


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